If we teach today as we did yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.

John Dewey


The St. Louis Sharks Technology Foundation exists solely for the purpose of raising money for the purchase of technology and other educational items for the St. Louis Public Schools. Purchased technology will be used directly by teachers and students and will help the teachers provide the highest quality education. Students will be provided with hands-on experience with modern technology that many will be required to use post graduation.

Our students need the benefit of additional technology to help them be successful in today’s global economy.

$108,500 Worth of Technology!

In just seven years, the St. Louis Sharks Technology Foundation, with the help of the community, has put $108,500 worth of technology into the St. Louis Public Schools. We have put equipment such as projectors, IPads, speakers, interactive white boards, headphones, cameras, computers, software, graphing calculators, and more into the classrooms.

You can help continue this success by becoming a volunteer, making a donation, or attending the next Big Event!

Attention St. Louis Teachers:

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Do you have a need for new or upgraded equipment, software, or other educational supplies in your classroom? Click here to access the Teacher Request Form.

Dear Local Business Owner...

Is it "Charity" or an Investment in Your Business? How Important is the Quality of St. Louis Public Schools to Your Local Business?
As an owner of a business in a small community, solicitations for donations have undoubtedly become something you have come to expect and perhaps even dread. When considering if making a donation to the foundation is in the best interest of your business, we ask you to consider the following: More Information...

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